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Whether you are looking to buy, trade, or sell a Rolex watch, you can always count on us to provide the best prices and the best service. Our team of experts are professionals in their field and will thoroughly examine your Rolex to arrive at the most current fair market valuation. We offer this level of service on all brands, but Rolex is our specialty. In the past 10 years, we have purchased more used, pre-owned and vintage Rolex watches than anyone in the industry. And we understand that selling a Rolex can be a daunting experience so to that end we offer same-day immediate payment by check or wire, and your watch is insured from the second it leaves your possession. Your trust is of paramount importance. We are the only retailer that offers transparent prices allowing our marketplace to serve as a “Kelly Blue Book” for used Rolex watches. Values and prices have significantly increased the past 5 years so it’s important to sell your watch to a buyer that is dedicated to the brand and is up to date on current values We guarantee the best buy prices and can get you a firm quote in less than 1 day.



Selling Your Pre-owned Watch

If you wish to sell a pre-owned model, customers can be rest assured that confidentiality, safety and security, and privacy protection is paramount to DeerWatches. If you have been searching for a store to sell your watch let us help. We take the utmost care and consideration when entrusted to handle such a high-caliber investment, and will do all we can to deliver an exceptional customer service experience. For over 5 years, Deerwatches has been rated the “best place to sell a Rolex”.



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